My work is an exploration of the archaeology of daily life, through form and material.

I create contemporary objects that have an implied reference to once-familiar tools, utensils and functional objects, but that leave the question of purpose hanging in the air. The sculptural qualities of hand tools hold a particular fascination for me as I ponder their use and the esthetic decisions of their makers, and then re-interpret design and scale, which results in objects that offer impractical solutions for imagined tasks.

Glass has long been a preferred medium, which I have chosen to explore from a sculptural perspective. While I have investigated the fragility, strength and optical properties of the material, I have never been interested in the decorative aspect of color or in glass’s possible functionality. Instead, I have focused on exploring form and materiality. The integration of glass and bronze has provided a means to establish a dialogue between these two disparate materials and explore the tension that exists between strength and fragility.

April 2019