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2006  500 Glass Objects. Lark Books. Asheville, NC.
2004  Contemporary Glass Art of the World. Published in Beijing, China.
1996  Great Work: An Overview of Contemporary BC Artists. Vancouver, BC.

2017  Canadian Craft Biennial. Art Gallery of Burlington. Burlington, ON.
2017  Salt Spring National Art Prize. Ganges, BC.
2010  “Glass Factor”. Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery. Waterloo, ON.
2010  By Hand. Museum of Vancouver. Vancouver, BC.
2009  Unity & Diversity. Cheongju International Craft Biennale. Cheongju, Korea.
2008  Retro-Active. Touchstones Museum & Art Gallery. Nelson, BC
2000  7th International Sculpture Exhibition. University of Hawaii. Honolulu, HI.
1996  Beyond The Rock Garden: Craft Forms For A New World. Seattle, WA.
1992  Treasury of Canadian Craft. Vancouver, BC.
1991  Claridge Collection. Montreal, QC.
1990  The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa ’90. Kanazawa, Japan.
1988  The International Exhibition of Glass Craft. Kanazawa, Japan.
1987  Glass ’87 in Japan. Tokyo, Japan.

2017  Review. Galleries West. October 8.
2017  Review. GLASS: UrbanGlass Quarterly Hot Sheet. Oct. 25.
2015  Video. Centre MATERIA. Québec City, PQ.
2016  Video. Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery. Waterloo, ON.
2016  Interview. Daybreak – CBC Radio. June 4. Vancouver, BC.
2015  Review. GLASS: Urban Glass Quarterly. Number 138. Spring. New York, NY.
2015  Review. STUDIO: Craft & Design in Canada. Vol.10, No.2. Toronto, ON.
2013  Review. Georgia Straight. May 21. Vancouver, BC.
2012  Northern Latitudes. GLASS: Urban Glass Quarterly. Number 127. Summer. New York, NY.
2011  Studio Magazine. Fall/Winter. Toronto, ON.
2010  Feature article. Cahiers metiers d′art – Craft Journal. Vol. 4 No. 1, Fall. Montréal, QC.
2010  Review. STUDIO: Craft & Design in Canada. Vol.5 No.1. Toronto, ON.
2009  Poetic Vision: Six Canadian Sculptors. Glass Art Society Journal. Seattle, WA.
2009  Feature article. Craft Arts International. Issue 77. Australia.
2009  Review. Galleries West. Vol.8, No.2, Summer 2009. Calgary, AB.
2008  Review. GLASS: Urban Glass Quarterly. Number 110. Spring. New York, NY.
2007  Review. Georgia Straight. Vol.41, Number 2078, Oct. 18-25. Vancouver, BC.
2006  Craft Contacts. Crafts Association of BC. March Issue
2005  Craft Contacts. Crafts Association of BC. Sept. Issue
2004  Contemporary Canadian Glass. Vol.4, No.58. Fall. Toronto, ON.
2004  Artichoke Magazine. Vol.16, No.3. Fall/Winter. Vancouver, BC.
2004  Review. Detroit Free Press. June 6. Detroit, MI.
2002  Review. The Maui News. December 22. Maui, HI.
1996  Glass Gazette. Fall. Toronto, ON.
1992  Who’s Who in Contemporary Glass Art. Germany.
1992  Glass Gazette. Summer. Toronto, ON.
1991  New Glass Review 12. Corning, NY/Dusseldorf, Germany.
1991  W magazine. Selkirk College. Castlegar, BC.
1989  West magazine – Globe & Mail. Vol.1., No. 3. Nov. 24, ′89. Vancouver/Toronto.
1989  Art Talk magazine, December. Scottsdale, AZ.
1988  New Work magazine, No. 34, Summer. New York, NY.
1988  Craft Focus 3. Ontario Craft, Vol. 13, No. 4. Toronto, ON.
1988  Stained Glass Quarterly, Vol. 83, No. 1. St. Louis, MO.
1987  Vancouver Sun, December 18. Vancouver, BC.
1987  New Work magazine, No. 29, Spring. New York, NY.
1984  Illustrated Directory of Crafts in BC. Published by the Crafts Assoc. of BC.
1983  Artisan. Published by the Kootenay Boundary Artisans’ Alliance. Nelson, BC.
1982  Glass Studio magazine, No. 36, Portland, OR.
1982  Arts BC, Vol. 7, No. 1. Victoria, BC.
1980  Arts BC, Vol. 5, No. 4. Victoria, BC.
1979  Glass Studio magazine, No. 8. Portland, OR.

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